Borough of Manasquan, New Jersey


All trees located between the sidewalk and curb are Borough trees. Some trees on the lot side of the sidewalk, or close to the street if no sidewalk, may also be Borough trees. In that case the determination is made by measurement of the Borough Right Of Way.

Borough trees will be trimmed where branches overhang the street or sidewalk and are impeding traffic or pedestrians. This trimming will be done on an as needed basis or on a scheduled basis approximately every five years – this activity is called elevations.

At this time, and only during elevation, the Borough may elect to trim branches over a resident’s / owner’s property if necessary to maintain stability and / or the aesthetic shape of the tree.

At any other time, limbs overhanging a resident’s / owner’s property or roots under the property are the responsibility of the resident / owner.

Should you have any questions please contact a member of the Shade Tree Commission or the Borough Administrator.


Please water any newly planted trees deeply once a week during the summer. If a good soaking rain occurs during the week then watering is not necessary that week.


The Borough website has a link to the Shade Tree Commission web pages which have information on care, planting, pruning, mulching and other tree subjects.






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