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Health Care Provider Phone Scam

Residents should be aware of the most recent scam where the victim's Health Care provider and prescription provider are used in an attempt to swindle money from the victim.   In this case Blue Cross/Blue Shield is identified correctly as the victim's provider. The caller confirms the victim's basic information including name, address and phone number, even though phone number is unlisted.  Caller then states to the victim that he needed to send money to them for a prescription renewal. Caller was able to correctly identify the victim's prescription company.  The victim realized that he did not have an outstanding prescription and started to inquire about the caller and the company they represented.  Victim wrote down the phone number that appeared on his caller ID.  When the phone call was completed the victim called the number back only to find that the phone number does not exist.  Scammers can use computer programs to misidentify the phone number that shows up on people's caller IDs to be any number they choose.

Please be aware of any potential scams and if you become suspicious of a phone call or mailing attempt to get as much information as you can, caller's name and phone number, and report this information to the police department."









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